MOR’s Biggest successful to become Number 1

ABS-CBN’s FM Radio Station, MOR My Only Radio was a true visionary of our dear Avid Listeners especially to the late Mr. Allesandro de Marchi. Whose MOR Stations to become Number 1. As of the recently survey: MOR was being Number 1 Radio Stations as being stressful. The Radio Stations in different provincial key areas are:

MOR 91.9 Cagayan de Oro was the undisputed Number 1 Radio Station in Cagayan de Oro City after a long-time against Magnum Radyo 99.9 (#1 since 2013-2014), 99.1 iFM Cagayan de Oro (#1 since 2003-2008) and 104.7 Yes The Best Cagayan de Oro (#1 since 2012-2013).

Other MOR Stations: MOR 101.1 Davao is #1 in 10 years straight since 2006. But decision to all Male Disc Jockeys of MOR 101.1 for leaving and just in May 1, 2017, Kokoy Martin remained in 101.1 with a New DJ and the Female Disc Jockeys.

The rest of the stations who are still number 1: 95.1 Cotabato (self-proclaiming Number 1 against others), 91.1 Iloilo (#1 Radio station since 2010 against Love Radio), 94.3 Dagupan (#1 Radio station against Love Radio Dagupan), 99.9 Puerto Princesa (only Radio Stations could mean Number 1), 93.9 Legaspi, 94.3 Tacloban, and 101.5 Bacolod are still number 1 since 2012-2017.

And now, in Manila some radio stations are unlikely but MOR DJ Chacha (Ms. Czarina Marie Balba in Real Life) as MOR 101.9 Manila still proclaiming Number 1 FM Radio Station in Metro Manila against other FM Stations like Barangay LS 97.1 (#2), 90.7 Love Radio (#3), 96.3 Easy Rock (#4), 93.9 iFM (#5) and 101.1 Yes! The Best (#6). Based on January 2017 Kantar Radio Survey, MOR Manila and the rest who became to keep listeners in favor of Number 1 FM Radio Stations.

Other MOR Stations did not make it to Number 1 such as 97.1 Cebu (#1 since 2005 until 2015 it was a decade and take over to #1 FM Stations goes to Barangay RT 99.5 in 2015.), 92.7 General Santos (#1 since 2015 but the undisputed number 1 Radio station goes to 91.9 iFM General Santos and 89.5 Brigada News FM General Santos). And the rest who will not being Number 1 is 103.1 Baguio, 98.7 Zamboanga and 95.5 Laoag, 93.5 Naga and others.

By completing 2020, ABS-CBN Radio Stations will became all-in Number 1 Radio Station in the future. Stay Tuned KaMORKada!


Jane Abaday: The Next MOR DJ of 2016

After almost a few months ago, we have a MOR DJ for this time, As I watch during the Morning Show, Pamahaw Espesyal aired on ABS-CBN Cagayan de Oro last February 11, 2015. Bernie Bitokbitok (Malvern Esparcia) announces the New MOR DJs of 2016 the candidates are 2 from Cagayan, One for Iligan and One for Ginoog. Actually 4 of the aspiring Female DJs namely: Debra, Jane, Sheila and Nico. During the opening of the morning Show, MOR DJs: David Bang, Bernie Bitokbitok, Chaka Babe, Master Popi, Sweet Maricar and Joe Romantico wrote them and drop it on the MOR voters Box and find out whos voting and resulting for the next MOR DJs.

FIRST VOTE: Debra, SECOND VOTE: Nico, THIRD VOTE: Jane, FOURTH VOTE: Sheila, sometimes the aspiring DJs has all of the points. While the Fifth vote is Sheila, while Sixth vote is Debra. 2 points is Debra and Sheila while Bernie announces the 7th Vote is Jane. And the over-all vote, Bernie said: “And…. Our next and our new MOR DJ is none other than… JANE” with 3 points, Debra and Sheila got 2nd Placers while Nico got 3rd Placer.

Jane Abaday, a 21-year-old MasCom student at MUST and she won 1st Runner up in ABS-CBN Interschool Newscasting Competition 2015.

During the program MOR University with Sweet Maricar and Master Popi, it was interviewed by the new MOR DJ, Jane and the nightshift show, Pakisabi na Lang with David Bang thus the guest DJ at the time.

Hopefully to listening to MOR 91.9 Cagayan de Oro is all about Jane for the next days, months, and years, please stay tuned to MOR 91.9 for more Updates.

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WANTED: The Next MOR 91.9 DJ this 2016

dj on bord
MOR DJs of 2016: Joe Romantico, David Bang, Master Popi, Sweet Maricar, Bernie Bitokbitok, Chaka Babe and Boy Negro

This 2016 just around the corners of this stations, almost 20 years of listening for MORe fun and MORe kulitan, the number 1 FM Station in Cagayan de Oro is MOR 91.9 and now, we are more fun to listening we’ve been breakthroughs and miserable.

After Lito Inglesero and Lala Morena says Goodbye, entering Chaka Babe and the return of the comeback, David Bang to MOR 91.9. And now who will be the NEXT FEMALE DJ of MOR, find out more soon!

ABS-CBN Star Patroller, Greanne Trisha Mendoza announces last month, MOR 91.9 is needed to the next MOR DJ and audtion for the Next MOR DJ at Loretos Grill last January 16 and find out revealed the next female MOR DJ.

Also ABS-CBN Iligan has one more female field reporter as said by the newsteam headed by Roxanne Arevalo.

And BTW yesterday is the birthday of Feature Reporter and now the Host of MKML, walang iba kundi si MARC LOGAN! Happy Birthday!!

This photo courtesy of MOR 91.9’s Facebook Page. This MOR Logo belongs to me (Edited one)

The Return of David Bang of MOR 91.9

MAJOR COMEBACK! After almost 18 years of not hearing up on MOR 91.9, David Bang is back on the Airwaves. He is now currently not just in Cagayan de Oro but Nationwide through a Voice-over and a new localized show: “Pakisabi na Lang” which is aired every Thursdays from 9-11pm.

David Bang
David Bang (Dennis Ba-ang is a real name) took over the jeep to MOR 91.9 on January 4, 2016.

Dennis Ba-ang, the full-time veteran DJ for almost 20 years, since started on ABS-CBN Star Radio 91.9 (now MOR 91.9) and the first program: “Hoy Gising Morning!” which was aired, and later he created his own program: “Mula sa Puso ko” and won as the Best Provincial Drama in the KBP Golden Dove Awards in 1996. He is the former editor-in-chief of the Launchpad Magazine.

However, David Bang left MOR in 1997, and moving to Iligan City and appointed DJ of 103.1 Wild FM in 1997 until 2002, he moved to Bay Radio 99.9 (now Magnum Radyo) and 89.3 Killer Bee (now Magic 89.3) until he was guest DJ at the time.

David’s Bestfriend, Malvern Esparcia (known as Bernie Bitok-Bitok) they was past working on ABS-CBN Star Radio and now reunite us on MOR 91.9.

Bernie, David and Joe
David Bang with Bernie Bitok-Bitok and Joe Romantiko on MOR Christmas Party.

According to the news last Friday (January 15, 2016) Greanne Mendoza reports on a Major Comeback with David Bang interviewed for his program: “Pakisabi na Lang”

“The Program is easily kung naa kang gusto isulti sa imong loved one, basin makaulaw ta, crush na man taha, or gihadlok ka sa imong reaction.”

The program, “Pakisabi na Lang” with David Bang on MOR 91.9 in Cagayan de Oro every Thursday, 9-11PM after MORe sa Gabi with Sweet Maricar and Master Popi.