S+A without Action, another Relaunch, very soon!

According to ABS-CBN Management, that all action movies from S+A transferred to CineMo (a Free Digital Exclusive Channel from ABS-CBN TVplus) but the said management to revamp into all-sports programming including UAAP, NCAA and of course, NBA.

Since it was launched on the 18th of January 2014 as ABS-CBN Sports+Action and relaunch on 29th of August 2016 as ABS-CBN S+A. But Netizens tries to relaunch and now beginning with new channel relaunches. Unlike ANC and ABS-CBN Regional Channel. This was a new channel with sports documentaries and specials.

Entering ABS-CBN Sports Channel

ABS-CBN Sports Channel is the most excitement all-sports channel of ABS-CBN under the Sports Division, since under the headship of Mr. Vince Rodriguez. They would being a all-sports programmings (except Religious Programs, Lifestyle etc.) into one channel.

ABS-CBN Sports Channel is giving more of all sporting events. In which, the truly home of One Championship, UAAP Games and mostly, NBA (include WNBA). Reality mode that we strive for one’s television. That we need to know ‘Play Hard’ and ‘Pusong Palaban’ for all Filipinos.

Catch ABS-CBN Sports Channel Very Soon on Channel 23 (on Free TV), Channel 17 on Sky and Destiny Cable (under the Unicable Brand), and ASC-HD Channel 166 on Sky Cable too.


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