MOR’s Biggest successful to become Number 1

ABS-CBN’s FM Radio Station, MOR My Only Radio was a true visionary of our dear Avid Listeners especially to the late Mr. Allesandro de Marchi. Whose MOR Stations to become Number 1. As of the recently survey: MOR was being Number 1 Radio Stations as being stressful. The Radio Stations in different provincial key areas are:

MOR 91.9 Cagayan de Oro was the undisputed Number 1 Radio Station in Cagayan de Oro City after a long-time against Magnum Radyo 99.9 (#1 since 2013-2014), 99.1 iFM Cagayan de Oro (#1 since 2003-2008) and 104.7 Yes The Best Cagayan de Oro (#1 since 2012-2013).

Other MOR Stations: MOR 101.1 Davao is #1 in 10 years straight since 2006. But decision to all Male Disc Jockeys of MOR 101.1 for leaving and just in May 1, 2017, Kokoy Martin remained in 101.1 with a New DJ and the Female Disc Jockeys.

The rest of the stations who are still number 1: 95.1 Cotabato (self-proclaiming Number 1 against others), 91.1 Iloilo (#1 Radio station since 2010 against Love Radio), 94.3 Dagupan (#1 Radio station against Love Radio Dagupan), 99.9 Puerto Princesa (only Radio Stations could mean Number 1), 93.9 Legaspi, 94.3 Tacloban, and 101.5 Bacolod are still number 1 since 2012-2017.

And now, in Manila some radio stations are unlikely but MOR DJ Chacha (Ms. Czarina Marie Balba in Real Life) as MOR 101.9 Manila still proclaiming Number 1 FM Radio Station in Metro Manila against other FM Stations like Barangay LS 97.1 (#2), 90.7 Love Radio (#3), 96.3 Easy Rock (#4), 93.9 iFM (#5) and 101.1 Yes! The Best (#6). Based on January 2017 Kantar Radio Survey, MOR Manila and the rest who became to keep listeners in favor of Number 1 FM Radio Stations.

Other MOR Stations did not make it to Number 1 such as 97.1 Cebu (#1 since 2005 until 2015 it was a decade and take over to #1 FM Stations goes to Barangay RT 99.5 in 2015.), 92.7 General Santos (#1 since 2015 but the undisputed number 1 Radio station goes to 91.9 iFM General Santos and 89.5 Brigada News FM General Santos). And the rest who will not being Number 1 is 103.1 Baguio, 98.7 Zamboanga and 95.5 Laoag, 93.5 Naga and others.

By completing 2020, ABS-CBN Radio Stations will became all-in Number 1 Radio Station in the future. Stay Tuned KaMORKada!


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