S+A without Action, another Relaunch, very soon!

According to ABS-CBN Management, that all action movies from S+A transferred to CineMo (a Free Digital Exclusive Channel from ABS-CBN TVplus) but the said management to revamp into all-sports programming including UAAP, NCAA and of course, NBA.

Since it was launched on the 18th of January 2014 as ABS-CBN Sports+Action and relaunch on 29th of August 2016 as ABS-CBN S+A. But Netizens tries to relaunch and now beginning with new channel relaunches. Unlike ANC and ABS-CBN Regional Channel. This was a new channel with sports documentaries and specials.

Entering ABS-CBN Sports Channel

ABS-CBN Sports Channel is the most excitement all-sports channel of ABS-CBN under the Sports Division, since under the headship of Mr. Vince Rodriguez. They would being a all-sports programmings (except Religious Programs, Lifestyle etc.) into one channel.

ABS-CBN Sports Channel is giving more of all sporting events. In which, the truly home of One Championship, UAAP Games and mostly, NBA (include WNBA). Reality mode that we strive for one’s television. That we need to know ‘Play Hard’ and ‘Pusong Palaban’ for all Filipinos.

Catch ABS-CBN Sports Channel Very Soon on Channel 23 (on Free TV), Channel 17 on Sky and Destiny Cable (under the Unicable Brand), and ASC-HD Channel 166 on Sky Cable too.


Remembering 105.9 Wild FM Cebu?

It was almost 19 years since 105.9 still on the air until 2002, it moved to frequency and hold to Ditan Communications Inc. from 105.9 to 103.5, the frequency 105.9 will be rented by the Audiovisual Communicators, Inc. known as Monster Radio BT 105.9. And the DJs are:  Sky V or Sky Vincent is now “The SM” for Retro Cebu, Jack the Pirate and Johnny Jolly. They played Music Mix and Slow Rock, even the Alternative Rock.

The video from Bytester Media’s YouTube Account:




As of now: Wild FM Cebu is now Retro Cebu and 105.9 became MonsterBT 105.9 and no one listenes the legendary.

MOR’s Biggest successful to become Number 1

ABS-CBN’s FM Radio Station, MOR My Only Radio was a true visionary of our dear Avid Listeners especially to the late Mr. Allesandro de Marchi. Whose MOR Stations to become Number 1. As of the recently survey: MOR was being Number 1 Radio Stations as being stressful. The Radio Stations in different provincial key areas are:

MOR 91.9 Cagayan de Oro was the undisputed Number 1 Radio Station in Cagayan de Oro City after a long-time against Magnum Radyo 99.9 (#1 since 2013-2014), 99.1 iFM Cagayan de Oro (#1 since 2003-2008) and 104.7 Yes The Best Cagayan de Oro (#1 since 2012-2013).

Other MOR Stations: MOR 101.1 Davao is #1 in 10 years straight since 2006. But decision to all Male Disc Jockeys of MOR 101.1 for leaving and just in May 1, 2017, Kokoy Martin remained in 101.1 with a New DJ and the Female Disc Jockeys.

The rest of the stations who are still number 1: 95.1 Cotabato (self-proclaiming Number 1 against others), 91.1 Iloilo (#1 Radio station since 2010 against Love Radio), 94.3 Dagupan (#1 Radio station against Love Radio Dagupan), 99.9 Puerto Princesa (only Radio Stations could mean Number 1), 93.9 Legaspi, 94.3 Tacloban, and 101.5 Bacolod are still number 1 since 2012-2017.

And now, in Manila some radio stations are unlikely but MOR DJ Chacha (Ms. Czarina Marie Balba in Real Life) as MOR 101.9 Manila still proclaiming Number 1 FM Radio Station in Metro Manila against other FM Stations like Barangay LS 97.1 (#2), 90.7 Love Radio (#3), 96.3 Easy Rock (#4), 93.9 iFM (#5) and 101.1 Yes! The Best (#6). Based on January 2017 Kantar Radio Survey, MOR Manila and the rest who became to keep listeners in favor of Number 1 FM Radio Stations.

Other MOR Stations did not make it to Number 1 such as 97.1 Cebu (#1 since 2005 until 2015 it was a decade and take over to #1 FM Stations goes to Barangay RT 99.5 in 2015.), 92.7 General Santos (#1 since 2015 but the undisputed number 1 Radio station goes to 91.9 iFM General Santos and 89.5 Brigada News FM General Santos). And the rest who will not being Number 1 is 103.1 Baguio, 98.7 Zamboanga and 95.5 Laoag, 93.5 Naga and others.

By completing 2020, ABS-CBN Radio Stations will became all-in Number 1 Radio Station in the future. Stay Tuned KaMORKada!