The Holy Week 2017 Broadcast Monitoring

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Calvary on the Cross (source Google Images / PoetrySoup)

It’s been a week already before the start of the Holy Week. Maybe we may record some Radio Stations signed-off even the Holy Week Aircheck. By the way, Holy Week is  a week of Compassionate Love of Christ of life, death and resurrection. And speaking of a Holy Week, there are some TV and Radio Stations in the Philippines remained the air from Maundy Thursday to Black Saturday.

This post will be divided into 5 subtitles.

From Palm Sunday to Holy Wednesday

Image result for palm sunday
Jesus at Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday (source Google Images)

Sunday (April 9, 2017) actually it’s a Day of Valor or Araw ng Kagitingan, another event for the Catholics in the Philippines is Palm Sunday, going to the respective churches and get some palm leaves coming from the tree. A telecast of the Palm Sunday Mass in their respective Channels, Channel 7 earlier on the first programming of the day, followed by ABS-CBN 2, PTV 4, TV5 and IBC-13, and last but not the least, RPN Channel 9 maybe here at the SM Megamall Chapel of the Risen Lord. Noontime Variety Show are still taped but we still have a Holy Week Vacation with some family and friends.

From Holy Monday to Holy Wednesday, Noontime Show will take a break for a while. Eat Bulaga will give you a Holy Week Special for the whole Family. I don’t know if AlDub or MaiChard tandem will be separated for a Holy Week Presentation. On the other hand, Showtime will give you another Holy Week Special with a stories from a winners of Tawag ng Tanghalan, after that we give a Live or tapeless special segment, Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids Edition. After that, Wowowin will give you the Best of the Best for the Holy Week presentations.

PTV also, will giving a special line-up for the Family Rosary Crusade this afternoon right after Oras ng Katotohanan, the main Lotto Draws until Holy Wednesday. There will be no more Games from Maundy Thursday to Black Saturday.

On Radio, still have a Regular Programming until Holy Wednesday, MOR 101.9 and some MOR Radio Stations in the Philippines giving some Holy Week Bible verses.

Maundy Thursday (April 13)

April 13? Why, It’s Maundy Thursday for the Catholics in the Philippines, it means some Radio Stations will go-off the air. TV Stations will still on the air. GMA and ABS-CBN has their own Cartoon and Anime Blocks, including the Movie Marathons and Religious Programmings. GMA also will air this afternoon for the best of Public Affairs Programming, while ABS-CBN airs the CBN Asia Specials following the Last Supper and the Washing of the Disciples Feet. TV5 aired another AniMega Blocks and Movie Marathons. Meanwhile IBC-13, aired Oras ng Katotohanan Special in 3 days aside from Local and International Religious Holy Week Programs.

Good Friday (April 14)

TV5 will go-off the air for ONE day aside from Love Radio, Yes, and Easy Rock. Early in the morning will have a Way of the Cross or The Stations of the Cross to going out and pray. Afterwards, same Cartoon and Animes even Movie Marathons on ABS-CBN and GMA. 11:00am at GMA, Power to Unite Special was recapping on a Year of the Parish or Year of the Eucharist or The Journey to the Holy Door of Mercy. (it was previous months of selected episodes on TV5) At the stroke of a noontime, The Seven Last Words are only ABS-CBN and GMA which will be live. Produced by Society of Divne Word and Mission Communication Foundation, Inc. (for ABS-CBN) and Order of Preachers (for GMA only), IBC13 will be the same efforts as their 30th year (since 1988), this will be produced by Make Mine Creative Productions. It will be 3 Hours before the 3 o Clock Habit, for ABS-CBN will having the Veneration of the Cross following the CBN Asia Specials and Movie Marathons especially MMK Klasiks.

Black Saturday (April 15)

As their continue TV5 will be back on the air and make it a Movie Marathons, while ABS-CBN and GMA will have a Cartoon and Anime Blocks especially Religious and Movie Marathons. At exact this afternoon which is Easter Vigil. The last CBN Asia Specials for the Holy Week on ABS-CBN, followed by the Easter Vigil. While GMA resumes a replay of a Public Affairs and Religious Programming also. And at 7:30pm will have a APT Lenten Drama Special. Also in a last programming of GMA, will be the Way of the Cross which is re-broadcast.

Easter Sunday (April 16)

Image result for resurrection of the lord
The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Source Google Images)

Easter Sunday would mean, the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, Alleluia! Alleluia! And some Radio and TV Stations in the Philippines will go on the air and resumes REGULAR PROGRAMMING. Noontime Shows of ABS-CBN and GMA will be taped same as last weeks.

CNN Philippines will resume programming with the Live Telecast of the Mass and Urbi et Orbi of our beloved Most Holy Father, Pope Francis. And rebroadcast on GMA on their last programming.

News Updates on their Holy Week

Only ABS-CBN, GMA and TV5 will cope up with the 5-minute News Updates, especially with the Traffic Updates.


As the Holy week we started it all with a ‘Blessed’ As Matthew 27:54 in a last word “Truly was the Son of God!” Thank You and Have a safe and blessed Holy Week to all. God Bless.

Here is the current religious song.


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