#Remembering Cagayanons Live?

We all know ABS-CBN Cagayan de Oro with PJ dela Pena anchoring TV Patrol Northern Mindanao on Channel 2-Cagayan de Oro City and announcer David Bang  and DJs Chaka Babe, Sweet Maricar, Bernie Bitok-Bitok etc. Read the news and David Bang (too) introduce music cuts on MOR 91.9 Cagayan de Oro. But did you know Cagayan de Oro City has been ABS-CBN territory since 1960?
As per the book Kapitan, Cagayan De Oro De Misamis is one of the cities in Mindanao which ABS-CBN (then as Bolinao Broadcasting) touched base with. It started as radio station DXCL-AM in 1960. (CL means Cagayanons Live.) Besides playing music cuts and hosting entertainment programs, the announcers take turns in reading news stories from Northern Mindanao then. This went on till Martial Law in 1972.
Years have passed before ABS-CBN reopened itself in CDeO. After its 1986 renaissance, ABS-CBN went back on air in Cagayan de Oro in April 1995, this time as a TV station and an FM radio station.
Before David Bang, Boy Negro, Master Popi, Maria Feelingera, Sweet Maricar, Chaka Babe and Bernie Bitok-Bitok, a Cagayanon Live announcer became the voice of ABS-CBN in Northern Mindanao in the 1960.