WANTED: The Next MOR 91.9 DJ this 2016

dj on bord
MOR DJs of 2016: Joe Romantico, David Bang, Master Popi, Sweet Maricar, Bernie Bitokbitok, Chaka Babe and Boy Negro

This 2016 just around the corners of this stations, almost 20 years of listening for MORe fun and MORe kulitan, the number 1 FM Station in Cagayan de Oro is MOR 91.9 and now, we are more fun to listening we’ve been breakthroughs and miserable.

After Lito Inglesero and Lala Morena says Goodbye, entering Chaka Babe and the return of the comeback, David Bang to MOR 91.9. And now who will be the NEXT FEMALE DJ of MOR, find out more soon!

ABS-CBN Star Patroller, Greanne Trisha Mendoza announces last month, MOR 91.9 is needed to the next MOR DJ and audtion for the Next MOR DJ at Loretos Grill last January 16 and find out revealed the next female MOR DJ.

Also ABS-CBN Iligan has one more female field reporter as said by the newsteam headed by Roxanne Arevalo.

And BTW yesterday is the birthday of Feature Reporter and now the Host of MKML, walang iba kundi si MARC LOGAN! Happy Birthday!!

This photo courtesy of MOR 91.9’s Facebook Page. This MOR Logo belongs to me (Edited one)


Eucharistic Congress calls for love, compassion for the poor

51st IEC Logo held at Cebu City

A mass, celebrated in a humble plaza to show the message of hope, kicked off the 51st International Eucharistic Congress in Cebu City yesterday.
Yangon Archbishop Charles Maung Cardinal Bo, who was sent by Pope Francis to represent him in the weeklong event, said in the homily that the Eucharist and the poor are inseparable as he noted that 20,000 children die every day, about 90,000 a month or 10 million a year due to starvation and malnutrition.
Calling on everyone to give love and compassion for the poor, the papal legate stressed that the biggest mortal sin is seeing a child die of starvation.
Cardinal Bo is set to visit the Cebu provincial jail tomorrow and, in the following days, a vocational school and a training facility for the poor and out-of-school youth.
“In our world, where there is a shortage of hope, mankind needs to hear the message of hope in Christ Jesus,” said Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma in a post on the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) news website.
He added that since the Congress is an event of hope, Cardinal Bo wants to show this message by interacting with those who languish in prison and spending time with a number of Cebu’s poor children.
Bo will visit the Don Bosco Training and Youth Center, established by his Filipino confreres to reach out to poor children and out-of-school youths, and a vocational school in Barangay Pasil, which is identified as one of the city’s most depressed areas.
Palma also said Pope Francis tapped two priests – Marvin Mejia and Dominic Bar Bu – for “special pontifical missions” that he did not specify.
In the mass celebrated at the Plaza Independencia, Cardinal Bo reminded everyone that all humans are equal before the Eucharist.
“Today, we have gathered from various backgrounds, the rich and the poor, the noble and the blessed, aristocrat and the servant, but when you approach the altar, the Eucharist strips you of all your social stages. You are equal among equals in an unequal and uncaring world,” he said.
At least 1,500 priests, 200 bishops and 10 cardinals concelebrated the mass with Archbishop Palma presenting the Holy Bible given by Pope Francis as a gift. Authorities estimated the total attendees at 400,000.
Palma said the Eucharist is the primary source of renewal, center of community and hope of glory.

‘Down to earth’

Cardinal Bo, 66, is the archbishop of Yangon and represents Pope Francis in the 51st congress. The pope proclaimed him a cardinal on Feb. 14, 2015.
Bishop Mylo Hubert Claudio Vergara, chairman of the CBCP episcopal commission on social communications and mass media, described him as a very “down to earth” person and one who is in touch with the masses.
“Let us expect an Asian cardinal who will definitely be one with us. Definitely, we will see Jesus in him,” Vergara said.
Cardinal Bo is said to represent those who are in the peripheries. Coming from Myanmar, he is familiar with the cries of the marginalized, peace and order problems, and the situations in Asian nations.

(Source: The Philippine Star / Philstar.com)

51st IEC opens in Cebu

The Logo of the 51st IEC held at Cebu City

Signaling the start of the quadrennial event, the eight-day 51st International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) opened last Sunday in Cebu City, with a high mass celebrated at the Plaza Independencia by 66-year-old Papal Legate Cardinal Charles Maung Bo of Myanmar, an official representative of Pope Francis.
Delivering a powerful homily before 350,000 people, Cardinal Bo called on Catholic devotees to reach out to the poor. The Myanmar prelate said the Eucharist calls for a commitment to a third world war against poverty.
Cardinal Bo lauded Filipinos for their religious devotion, but urged their faith outside the four walls of the churches.
Concelebrating with Cardinal Bo were Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle of Manila, Cardinals Gaudencio Rosales and Ricardo Vidal, Archbishops Jose Palma of Cebu and Socrates Villegas, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) president.
12,000 delegates from the Philippines and from over 70 countries around the world are expected to attend the said event, which has a theme of “Christ in you, our hope of glory,” reminding us that each one of us because of Christ in us carries hope, not just for ourselves but for others.
Aside from Papal Legate Cardinal Bo, 3 papal nuncios, 20 cardinals, 30 archbishops and 100 bishops are attending the IEC.
The weeklong IEC will end on January 31 with another pontifical mass in the Statio Orbis (“The World Stops”) or Misa ng Mundo at the South Road Properties (SRP) to be presided by Cardinal Bo. One million faithful are expected to attend the final mass wherein all masses in parishes will be cancelled.
The “Piso Para sa Misa ng buong Mundo,” a f und-raising project to cover the IEC event, generated around P30 million, way bigger than the targeted amount of P20 million. But according to the project’s coordinator the said amount still cannot cover the total cost for the entire religious event.
The 33rd IEC was first held in Manila in 1937. It is held every four years to promote awareness of the central place of the Eucharist in the life and mission of the Catholic Church.
In reverence to this year’s global fellowship, the group for Global Cancer are appealing for a smoke-free all week long. Cebu police are urged to apprehend cigarette smokers in IEC.
Aside from visiting some selected inmates of the Cebu provincial jail, the Papal Legate would also visit the Don Bosco Training and Youth Center in Pasil.
Participants of the IEC should expect surprises from Pope Francis during the week-long Congress as the Holy Father could make statements through live feeds or taped videos, according to the IEC’s communication department.

Source: (The Philippine Star / philstar.com)

The Return of David Bang of MOR 91.9

MAJOR COMEBACK! After almost 18 years of not hearing up on MOR 91.9, David Bang is back on the Airwaves. He is now currently not just in Cagayan de Oro but Nationwide through a Voice-over and a new localized show: “Pakisabi na Lang” which is aired every Thursdays from 9-11pm.

David Bang
David Bang (Dennis Ba-ang is a real name) took over the jeep to MOR 91.9 on January 4, 2016.

Dennis Ba-ang, the full-time veteran DJ for almost 20 years, since started on ABS-CBN Star Radio 91.9 (now MOR 91.9) and the first program: “Hoy Gising Morning!” which was aired, and later he created his own program: “Mula sa Puso ko” and won as the Best Provincial Drama in the KBP Golden Dove Awards in 1996. He is the former editor-in-chief of the Launchpad Magazine.

However, David Bang left MOR in 1997, and moving to Iligan City and appointed DJ of 103.1 Wild FM in 1997 until 2002, he moved to Bay Radio 99.9 (now Magnum Radyo) and 89.3 Killer Bee (now Magic 89.3) until he was guest DJ at the time.

David’s Bestfriend, Malvern Esparcia (known as Bernie Bitok-Bitok) they was past working on ABS-CBN Star Radio and now reunite us on MOR 91.9.

Bernie, David and Joe
David Bang with Bernie Bitok-Bitok and Joe Romantiko on MOR Christmas Party.

According to the news last Friday (January 15, 2016) Greanne Mendoza reports on a Major Comeback with David Bang interviewed for his program: “Pakisabi na Lang”

“The Program is easily kung naa kang gusto isulti sa imong loved one, basin makaulaw ta, crush na man taha, or gihadlok ka sa imong reaction.”

The program, “Pakisabi na Lang” with David Bang on MOR 91.9 in Cagayan de Oro every Thursday, 9-11PM after MORe sa Gabi with Sweet Maricar and Master Popi.

The Round-up for Kagay-anons (2015 Edition)

From the 16 FM Radio Stations in Cagayan de Oro City’s meaningful, let quick back in the year 2015 and what happened:

Number 1 pa MORe!

Recently last May 2015, during it’s 17th year of FM Station of ABS-CBN. Main DJ, Bernie Bitok-Bitok (Malvern Esprancia) announces the ‘undisputed’  number 1 Radio Station in Cagayan de Oro City based on KBP-RRC, kantar official survey of 2015 beat the number 2 and 3 Radio Stations, 99.9 Magnum Radio and 99.1 iFM in Cagayan de Oro.

Another pont in the Feast of St. Augustine (San Agustin), ABS-CBN Cagayan de Oro launches it’s city campaign… “Higala, Duaw na, sa CdeO, Tsada!” with a song “HigalaTsada” which was heard on MOR 91.9 in CdeO, who popularized by White Strand and composed by Rommel Alaba known as Master Popi.

Last January 18, 2015, Bernie Bitok-bitok’s bestfriend, Totoy Bugoy leaving MOR when he was transferred to it’s another place. On July 2015, the very long wait is over, the New DJs on MOR 91.9 is Chaka Babe and the rerturn of the DJ is Mommy J for the program: Awards Night with Bernie and Mommy J.

August 2015, MOR DJs: Bernie, Lala Morena, Boy Negro, Sweet Maricar, Master Popi, Joe Romantiko and Chaka babe had their own Dubsmash videos in a full version called “dubsmash.mor” the Facebook page of MOR has it over 192,600 views and 5,088 Iliganon and Kagay-anons shares including former DJ, Totoy Bugoy.

From “Enjoy Ka” to “BestFriend Mo” mode on 99.1 iFM

iFM New Logo CdeO

November 15, 2015 – iFM changed it’s new look and new slogan with retained DJs on Board (including Robby Rabbit), some of the ‘Kasama’ of RMN, a sort of people listen to iFM and called ‘Bespren’ (actually Bespren is a simple word, Bestfriend which is from MOR 91.9 until early 2014) and the new Jingle “Ang Bestfriend Mo” which is an artist from Manila.

It’s been around 4 years since they changed its slogan several times, from Ambot sa Kambing na may Bangs to Ang Radyo Ko, iFM, Hiyang na Eh? to #RamdamKita. Last June saw the return of Nikka Dyosa (formerly Celine Labuyo of Energy).

Their identity changed from Barkadooter to Kakambing to Bestfriend. Let’s hope that their new identity would last as long as their former Puwede era.

(source: MC’s Corner).

In early 2016, new plugs and new seasonal slogans replace old one.

Barangay 100.7 is now over Manila Feed!

Barangay 100.7 in Cagayan de Oro is broadcast via the Manila Feed (Barangay LS 97.1). Selected programs of Barangay LS that premiered on October 19, 2015. Starting Potpot and Friends, Bida sa Barangay, Wanted: Sweetheart and Barangay Love Stories. The rest of shows are Originally on Barangay 100.7

News FM Stations could be happened

2 Local FM Stations, Magnum Radyo 99.9 and 102.5 Brigada News FM are competitive with a News and Music Format which was an advertisers. A Local Coffee product from Northern Mindanao from Magnum Products which is Magnum Coffee, a 3-in-1 coffee mix just like Brigada’s Powercells and Drive Max Coffee. Some of the blocktimers just like 107.1 Love Radio has a blocktimers, Mellow Touch 95.7 in Cagayan had been succeded.

The Issues of the Hoaxes on 92.7 Mom’s Radio

Actually soon to airing 92.7 Mom’s Radio or gonna be on the air on the year 2016. YouTube Subscriber, Koko Stevan, the one Mom’s Radio airing on 92.7 beginning January of 2016. Alongside the new J-FM 98.1 and the return of The Edge Radio on 95.9 MHz in Iligan City

More things gonna happen for the new FM Radio Airchecks in CdeO for 2016, see you!


Late post: 2016.