Thoughts on the MPBL on ABS-CBN S+A

MPBL is inspired by MBA

From the Tube

A new Filipino basketball league is about to take off.

The Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League, founded by Senator Manny Pacquiao and his business manager Arnold Vegafria, will officially launch later tonight at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. The league’s maiden event will begin with an elaborate opening ceremony and a game between the Parañaque Patriots and Caloocan Supremos.

The league’s premise is simple: it consists of 10 teams located around Metro Manila and Luzon (with expansion to Visayas and Mindanao to follow soon) and it also aims to give grassroots athletes and aspiring basketball players a chance to showcase their skills and continue their basketball careers. These 10 teams are as follows:

  1. Parañaque Patriots
  2. Caloocan Supremos
  3. Batangas City Athletics
  4. Valenzuela Classic
  5. Navotas Clutch
  6. Muntinlupa Cagers
  7. Bataan Defenders
  8. Bulacan Kuyas
  9. Imus MPBL team
  10. Quezon City MPBL team

A home-and-away format will be followed so that teams can have a chance to play…

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The Closure of ABS-CBN Regional Channel and Final Programmes of other Regional NCA Programs.

Almost 1 Year and 6 Months since it’s formal telecast. ABS-CBN Regional Channel will be final sign off on the 15th of January, 2018. However due to it’s repeated programmings and low-ratings on Cable Network. ARC tries to moved to either Free TV or Digital TV just after final sign-off on SkyCable. (Together with it’s tagalized Movie Channel, TAG.).

After Final Sign-off of ARC, and what happened?

ABS-CBN Regional Programs (e.g Agri Tayo Dito, MagTV na and KMWK) will continue on some ABS-CBN Regional Stations Nationwide. And speaking of Regional Programs, some of the Regional Current Affairs programs ended (which is last year)

The Program Salandigan, Bayanijuan and Ano Ngani will put to an end last November, 2017. Will Bida Kapampangan, Derecho and Arangkada will be the last batch to end broadcast?

Morning Shows in Regional Key Areas extended from Monday-Saturday

It’s been the last batch of the Current Affairs Programs on Saturday (Bida Kampampangan, Derecho and Arangkada). In the near future after the last batch of NCA Programmes on Saturday we give to put another Morning Shows extended. Exceed 2 years ago, Maayong Buntag Mindanao extends first (last May 2015) and MBK will add on Saturday as Maayong Buntag Kapamilya Sabado (last January 2016) after TUBAG ended it’s final broadcast.


Anyway, ARC will end on the 15th on SkyCable and tries to find either Free or Digital TV. Says that Regional Programs that keep and bringing us closer to home.

Until then, ABS-CBN Regional Channel is now SIGNING OFF! (For Cable) See you on DIGITAL TV!


95.1 Brigada News FM Iligan: The Comeback

It was aftermath of Brigada Programmings into blocktimed programmings (e.g. Lampornas, Ang Kamatuoran, The Word of Truth, etc.) last 2015-2017 until it was axed on May 26, 2017 BMMC taken over to PBN in Andrada Building known as Radyo Iligan Prime FM 88.1.

Brigada Mass Media Corporation Logo with the slogan: “Service is our Passion”

However on September 2017, Brigada Mass Media Corporation plans to bring back 95.1 Brigada News FM in Iligan that set to be launch. As conducted a Test Broadcast last mid-October 2017. That is sign of the relaunch of Brigada News FM Iligan. Conducted by Brigada Melvin Anggot (former News Anchor of DXIC Iligan last 1995-2006 and Muews Radio 97.5 from 2012-2016) and still Brigada Joe Opallo (the 1st generation of Brigada 95.1 Reporters).

Recently, last November 7, 2017: Brigada News FM Iligan sets it’s eye in preparation for the Relaunch in the coming weeks of November. The Studio of Brigada News FM comes into finished, and the new location which is 2/F Fernville Building, Andres Bonifacio Avenue (behind the Osmena-Badelles Overpass), Tambo, Iligan City. And the Media Van that roving the Brigada Reporters across Iligan City.

Media Van – that caters and roving all Brigada Reporters across Iligan and nearby Provinces in Preparation for the relaunch of 95.1 Brigada News FM Iligan (Photo by: Joe Opallo – Facebook | As Screenshot by a user from PHRadio Group)

Despite the relaunch of Brigada News FM in Iligan. It would be the #1 News FM Station in Iligan again that reliable and trusted music and news authority in Iligan City. The Relaunch will be set this week or the coming weeks of November, Iliganons! Make sure tune in on 95.1 MHz on your FM Band. For Iliganons worldwide, Livestreaming will be launch very soon on – The Official Website of Brigada Mass Media Corporation (the one for Brigada Healthline, Brigada Newspaper, Brigada News TV and Brigada News FM).

Local-based Programmings we’re Larga Brigada (an early-morning Commentary Program), Banat Brigada (an Morning Commentary Program that is before 7:00am), Tira Brigada (an post mortem programming after 7:15am News) and Ronda Brigada (afternoon commentary program). Nationwide-based Programmings like Brigada Balita, and Brigada Connections. Healthline Programmings including Powercells, DriveMax, Fast Relax, NutriCleanse, Guard-C, etc. and it’s nightly healthline program: “Kiaw sa Maayong Panglawas” featuring the 15-minute Lottery Draw. And of course we give Music and Entertainment.

In the next days of Brigada Programming, we gave passion to your hearts and concerns with Radio Broadcasting for 3 Years (Since November 11, 2014 as Test broadcast and December 5, 2014 as their Formal Telecast). That cater Iliganons we giving closer and because SERVICE is OUR PASSION.

S+A without Action, another Relaunch, very soon!

According to ABS-CBN Management, that all action movies from S+A transferred to CineMo (a Free Digital Exclusive Channel from ABS-CBN TVplus) but the said management to revamp into all-sports programming including UAAP, NCAA and of course, NBA.

Since it was launched on the 18th of January 2014 as ABS-CBN Sports+Action and relaunch on 29th of August 2016 as ABS-CBN S+A. But Netizens tries to relaunch and now beginning with new channel relaunches. Unlike ANC and ABS-CBN Regional Channel. This was a new channel with sports documentaries and specials.

Entering ABS-CBN Sports Channel

ABS-CBN Sports Channel is the most excitement all-sports channel of ABS-CBN under the Sports Division, since under the headship of Mr. Vince Rodriguez. They would being a all-sports programmings (except Religious Programs, Lifestyle etc.) into one channel.

ABS-CBN Sports Channel is giving more of all sporting events. In which, the truly home of One Championship, UAAP Games and mostly, NBA (include WNBA). Reality mode that we strive for one’s television. That we need to know ‘Play Hard’ and ‘Pusong Palaban’ for all Filipinos.

Catch ABS-CBN Sports Channel Very Soon on Channel 23 (on Free TV), Channel 17 on Sky and Destiny Cable (under the Unicable Brand), and ASC-HD Channel 166 on Sky Cable too.

Remembering 105.9 Wild FM Cebu?

It was almost 19 years since 105.9 still on the air until 2002, it moved to frequency and hold to Ditan Communications Inc. from 105.9 to 103.5, the frequency 105.9 will be rented by the Audiovisual Communicators, Inc. known as Monster Radio BT 105.9. And the DJs are:  Sky V or Sky Vincent is now “The SM” for Retro Cebu, Jack the Pirate and Johnny Jolly. They played Music Mix and Slow Rock, even the Alternative Rock.

The video from Bytester Media’s YouTube Account:




As of now: Wild FM Cebu is now Retro Cebu and 105.9 became MonsterBT 105.9 and no one listenes the legendary.

MOR’s Biggest successful to become Number 1

ABS-CBN’s FM Radio Station, MOR My Only Radio was a true visionary of our dear Avid Listeners especially to the late Mr. Allesandro de Marchi. Whose MOR Stations to become Number 1. As of the recently survey: MOR was being Number 1 Radio Stations as being stressful. The Radio Stations in different provincial key areas are:

MOR 91.9 Cagayan de Oro was the undisputed Number 1 Radio Station in Cagayan de Oro City after a long-time against Magnum Radyo 99.9 (#1 since 2013-2014), 99.1 iFM Cagayan de Oro (#1 since 2003-2008) and 104.7 Yes The Best Cagayan de Oro (#1 since 2012-2013).

Other MOR Stations: MOR 101.1 Davao is #1 in 10 years straight since 2006. But decision to all Male Disc Jockeys of MOR 101.1 for leaving and just in May 1, 2017, Kokoy Martin remained in 101.1 with a New DJ and the Female Disc Jockeys.

The rest of the stations who are still number 1: 95.1 Cotabato (self-proclaiming Number 1 against others), 91.1 Iloilo (#1 Radio station since 2010 against Love Radio), 94.3 Dagupan (#1 Radio station against Love Radio Dagupan), 99.9 Puerto Princesa (only Radio Stations could mean Number 1), 93.9 Legaspi, 94.3 Tacloban, and 101.5 Bacolod are still number 1 since 2012-2017.

And now, in Manila some radio stations are unlikely but MOR DJ Chacha (Ms. Czarina Marie Balba in Real Life) as MOR 101.9 Manila still proclaiming Number 1 FM Radio Station in Metro Manila against other FM Stations like Barangay LS 97.1 (#2), 90.7 Love Radio (#3), 96.3 Easy Rock (#4), 93.9 iFM (#5) and 101.1 Yes! The Best (#6). Based on January 2017 Kantar Radio Survey, MOR Manila and the rest who became to keep listeners in favor of Number 1 FM Radio Stations.

Other MOR Stations did not make it to Number 1 such as 97.1 Cebu (#1 since 2005 until 2015 it was a decade and take over to #1 FM Stations goes to Barangay RT 99.5 in 2015.), 92.7 General Santos (#1 since 2015 but the undisputed number 1 Radio station goes to 91.9 iFM General Santos and 89.5 Brigada News FM General Santos). And the rest who will not being Number 1 is 103.1 Baguio, 98.7 Zamboanga and 95.5 Laoag, 93.5 Naga and others.

By completing 2020, ABS-CBN Radio Stations will became all-in Number 1 Radio Station in the future. Stay Tuned KaMORKada!

The Holy Week 2017 Broadcast Monitoring

Image result for calvary picture
Calvary on the Cross (source Google Images / PoetrySoup)

It’s been a week already before the start of the Holy Week. Maybe we may record some Radio Stations signed-off even the Holy Week Aircheck. By the way, Holy Week is  a week of Compassionate Love of Christ of life, death and resurrection. And speaking of a Holy Week, there are some TV and Radio Stations in the Philippines remained the air from Maundy Thursday to Black Saturday.

This post will be divided into 5 subtitles.

From Palm Sunday to Holy Wednesday

Image result for palm sunday
Jesus at Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday (source Google Images)

Sunday (April 9, 2017) actually it’s a Day of Valor or Araw ng Kagitingan, another event for the Catholics in the Philippines is Palm Sunday, going to the respective churches and get some palm leaves coming from the tree. A telecast of the Palm Sunday Mass in their respective Channels, Channel 7 earlier on the first programming of the day, followed by ABS-CBN 2, PTV 4, TV5 and IBC-13, and last but not the least, RPN Channel 9 maybe here at the SM Megamall Chapel of the Risen Lord. Noontime Variety Show are still taped but we still have a Holy Week Vacation with some family and friends.

From Holy Monday to Holy Wednesday, Noontime Show will take a break for a while. Eat Bulaga will give you a Holy Week Special for the whole Family. I don’t know if AlDub or MaiChard tandem will be separated for a Holy Week Presentation. On the other hand, Showtime will give you another Holy Week Special with a stories from a winners of Tawag ng Tanghalan, after that we give a Live or tapeless special segment, Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids Edition. After that, Wowowin will give you the Best of the Best for the Holy Week presentations.

PTV also, will giving a special line-up for the Family Rosary Crusade this afternoon right after Oras ng Katotohanan, the main Lotto Draws until Holy Wednesday. There will be no more Games from Maundy Thursday to Black Saturday.

On Radio, still have a Regular Programming until Holy Wednesday, MOR 101.9 and some MOR Radio Stations in the Philippines giving some Holy Week Bible verses.

Maundy Thursday (April 13)

April 13? Why, It’s Maundy Thursday for the Catholics in the Philippines, it means some Radio Stations will go-off the air. TV Stations will still on the air. GMA and ABS-CBN has their own Cartoon and Anime Blocks, including the Movie Marathons and Religious Programmings. GMA also will air this afternoon for the best of Public Affairs Programming, while ABS-CBN airs the CBN Asia Specials following the Last Supper and the Washing of the Disciples Feet. TV5 aired another AniMega Blocks and Movie Marathons. Meanwhile IBC-13, aired Oras ng Katotohanan Special in 3 days aside from Local and International Religious Holy Week Programs.

Good Friday (April 14)

TV5 will go-off the air for ONE day aside from Love Radio, Yes, and Easy Rock. Early in the morning will have a Way of the Cross or The Stations of the Cross to going out and pray. Afterwards, same Cartoon and Animes even Movie Marathons on ABS-CBN and GMA. 11:00am at GMA, Power to Unite Special was recapping on a Year of the Parish or Year of the Eucharist or The Journey to the Holy Door of Mercy. (it was previous months of selected episodes on TV5) At the stroke of a noontime, The Seven Last Words are only ABS-CBN and GMA which will be live. Produced by Society of Divne Word and Mission Communication Foundation, Inc. (for ABS-CBN) and Order of Preachers (for GMA only), IBC13 will be the same efforts as their 30th year (since 1988), this will be produced by Make Mine Creative Productions. It will be 3 Hours before the 3 o Clock Habit, for ABS-CBN will having the Veneration of the Cross following the CBN Asia Specials and Movie Marathons especially MMK Klasiks.

Black Saturday (April 15)

As their continue TV5 will be back on the air and make it a Movie Marathons, while ABS-CBN and GMA will have a Cartoon and Anime Blocks especially Religious and Movie Marathons. At exact this afternoon which is Easter Vigil. The last CBN Asia Specials for the Holy Week on ABS-CBN, followed by the Easter Vigil. While GMA resumes a replay of a Public Affairs and Religious Programming also. And at 7:30pm will have a APT Lenten Drama Special. Also in a last programming of GMA, will be the Way of the Cross which is re-broadcast.

Easter Sunday (April 16)

Image result for resurrection of the lord
The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Source Google Images)

Easter Sunday would mean, the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, Alleluia! Alleluia! And some Radio and TV Stations in the Philippines will go on the air and resumes REGULAR PROGRAMMING. Noontime Shows of ABS-CBN and GMA will be taped same as last weeks.

CNN Philippines will resume programming with the Live Telecast of the Mass and Urbi et Orbi of our beloved Most Holy Father, Pope Francis. And rebroadcast on GMA on their last programming.

News Updates on their Holy Week

Only ABS-CBN, GMA and TV5 will cope up with the 5-minute News Updates, especially with the Traffic Updates.


As the Holy week we started it all with a ‘Blessed’ As Matthew 27:54 in a last word “Truly was the Son of God!” Thank You and Have a safe and blessed Holy Week to all. God Bless.

Here is the current religious song.

Dayanara Torres returns to ASAP on Sunday

Catch the Longest-Running Sunday Noontime Variety Show in Philippine TV, ASAP. After 18 Years of not showing up, she is back. Dayanara Torres is currently an Original Hosts of ASAP reunites with Martin Nievera and Zsa-zsa Padilla on it’s 22nd Anniversary this Coming February 5. Dayanara in a past ASAP years, she was their own segment called “Sayaw-nara” and it was unforgettable memories like we did in our program.

Last Sunday (January 29), Sunday’s Best aired a Digitally Restored on Philippine Free TV “Basta’t Kasama Kita” which came from Aga Muhlach.

Catch ASAP Every Sunday, 12:00 noon here on the Brightest Network, ABS-CBN!